When you receive your package the tutu is not fluffed for shipping reasons. So how it is shown in pictures it is not like that right out of the package. But no worries! Once you have your package and you are ready to put it on your child. Here is how to fluff a ribbon tutu and a regular tutu.
1. Ribbon tutu - Pull apart the two layers by pulling the first layer first as you pull apart move the ribbon in a up and down motion to create a wave. The bigger you pull apart the more dramatic the ribbon tutu will begin to look. After the first layer begin repeating the process for the second layer. And your ribbon tutu can look as fabulous as in the pictures posted.

2. Regular tutu - Pull up and out on each section pulling the layers apart. As you pull up and out the tutu will begin to fluff up and take form.  Giving a full fluffy look.

How to get great pictures:

We all know that once a child begins to play the tutu can start to get smashed depending on what they are doing. Just continue to fluff through out the day. We recommend once the child is dressed and the tutu or ribbon tutu is fluffed. If you have great weather step outside and get some nice pictures. If inside get to good lighting area and a open space. These pictures represent your child and Peighton's Closet and we want everyone to look good. Of course still snap pictures throughout your event we want to see them all!


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